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          I hope that this website will give you a clear idea of our values, and the opportunities that are available at 捕鱼游戏赢_星力捕鱼游戏 & 星力捕鱼. We are committed to inspiring all of our young people to enjoy their learning, think for themselves and develop a range of character traits that will enable them to succeed in life and make an active contribution to society. We see it as education for life as the time that our students are with us is a short period in a lifetime so, if we have made a lasting difference and inspired our students, it makes us proud.



          捕鱼游戏赢_星力捕鱼游戏 & 星力捕鱼 embraces its role as a comprehensive school serving the whole community. In addition to the good work carried in the classroom there are many clubs and activities that take place outside of school hours. We encourage our students to show initiative and many have organised a range of activities and very impressive fund raising events for local and national charities which have made a difference to the life chances of other less fortunate or disadvantaged communities.







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